The Taste

We slow-smoke our BBQ — up to eight hours — over choice woods, like cherry, apple and mesquite, for an exceptional taste. It’s honest-to-goodness barbeque flavor that you can’t get from charcoal, pellets or (gasp!) propane.

We hit the meat with just-right seasoning and let it go to work, then keep the fire low and let the savory soak in. Mmmm. Only then can that one-a-kind flavor emerge from deep inside. You’ll taste the difference, in bite after succulent bite. Hungry yet?

The Smoker

We call it the “Ribslayer.” We used to watch a lot of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and we came up with it with our friends! Actually, we have a new kitty named “Buffy” now! The smoker is a Klose Pit. The best Pit Smokers in the world and it was born in Texas, and we don’t mess with things from Texas.

Would you want to get on the bad side of a 9,000-pound, custom-built, tree-eating, fire-breathing, beast cooking machine? It’s pitch black and 25 feet long. And it’s mean — a special kind of mean that triggers sweat with one look but ultimately brings out the best in whatever it’s up against.

One of the largest smokers in the Portland area, the Ribslayer can cook over 1,000 pouds of meat at a time. Divide that number by chickens and pigs, and you get the idea. Let us Smoke a Pig for ya.

The Haagensons

Craig and Theresa favor flavor. Great flavor.

They got married for more than love of BBQ, but ask either of them about it and watch their eyes light up. (And then walk away, unless you have a lot of extra time on your hands.)

And they aren’t just enthusiasts, they are experts with the training, resumes and recipe books to match.

In addition to tending the Ribslayer, Craig and Theresa run a full-service catering business — aptly named Haagenson’s Catering — that focuses on fresh, conversation-worthy experiences in and all around the McMinnville area.