The Wall of Flame

There are a few. SHON HOLYFIELD has the record, 2:17 (He has it on video!) minutes. Taylor Heart did it in 2:18, Fat Matt did it in 2:30. Brian of Lafayette finished in 3 minutes. Joel and Mitch, both of McMinnville, did it in 5. But you can’t do it. You’re too weak. Don’t do it if your sane!!

The Flaming MOFO Sandwich:
Jolokia, Red Maruga Scorpion Chili, Fresh straight Habanero Puree, Cayenne, Jalapeno, White pepper, Black pepper and all our hot sauces we own! Then we give it to you! Ha ha ha!!

Eat a whole one and put your name on the “Wall of Flame!” Then you can relax and have a free Root Beer Float!

Can you do it in 10 minutes? 15 is the limit. Come on Food Network! Challenge me! hahaha! Man vs Food. Yea right! They don’t call because they won’t come! Come to think of it, no one has been able to eat one lately!! Wanna try now? 

1st Shon Holyfield McMinnville, OR 2:15


942089_4794105058043_1017945681_n Brinn Hoved McMinnville, OR 3:49


Picture1Taylor Taylor Hart McMinnville, OR 2:17