St. Paddy’s Day done the RibSlayer Way

Come in for the St. Paddy’s Day Special done the RibSlayer way! Chef Craig will treat you to his signature Kosher mustard bbq glaze corned beef sandwich served with sides of beer braised cabbage, dill roasted carrots and new potatoes. This St. Paddy’s day delight is sure to impress with generous size slabs of corned beef. Enjoy!

New specials

Come on in and try our BBQ Specials!

The newest additions to the special rotation:

The Mac Attack! Thick Texas Toast stuffed with Macaroni and Cheese and our smoky Pulled Pork!

The BBQ Nachos are a hit as well!

BBQ Melts. Choose your meat to be smothered in cheese! and topped with our House BBQ Sauce!


Ribslayer To Go!