Ribslayer BBQ to Go & Haagenson's Catering

Heard of our Brisket Burnt Endz?


Here at Ribslayer BBQ to go, we have been perfecting that flavor of real Texas style smoked Beef Brisket. We have won a few awards for our style and flavor. Were not done. Nope. No rest for the wicked. There are many experts in the most tricky thing in BBQ. They know when its good and when its great.

Burnt Endz are here now. Our Angus Beef quality Beef Briskets are smoked all day long and during that, we remove the parts we deem are going to make the best Burnt ends. The deep, darker, caramelized, smoky, crispy chunks of beef. Its worth it to see our upgrade. We won’t be easy to deal with because we sell them by the pound. If you order a 1/2# you’ll buy the other half. Again.

Come see what we deem the best thing on the menu. Our Chef’s will have that sparkle in there eye when you ask, “How are the Burnt Endz today?