Ribslayer BBQ to Go & Haagenson's Catering

A sweet end to 2011


There it is, 2011. Dust in the wind. We feel like Bon Jovi as in “We’ve seen a million faces, and we rocked them all!” 2011 was the year the economy came back.. A little. Bacon and Chocolate came to Ribslayer Fans. More people had weddings than ever and they were all so fun and memorable. Thank you to all our brides and grooms in 2011. Your days will be remembered as wonderful videos in our minds!
We learned a lot from our mistakes and learned that being open and honest with our selves and our clients really helps to make catering events run smoothly and makes them memorable.
Some of our bigger clients became closer to us. OMI, Cascade Steel Rolling Mills, The Juilette House (Celebrate the children), McMinnville Chamber, Oregon Vineyard Supply, Fisher Farm and Lawn, Colvin Auto, Linfield, and even the McMinnville Kiwanis and our endless list of wineries that have partnered with us to throw some serious Wine Country Feasts!
Wine Country Farms B&B, Youngberg Hill B&B and the Mattey House all had spectacular weddings and events that outshined themselves!
Thank you so much for keeping us in your minds and hearts! We love what we do and will continue to inspire you all moving into 2012.