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Ribslayer BBQ to Go

Located in McMinnville, Oregon, Ribslayer BBQ To Go has one of the largest smokers in the Portland area. The Ribslayer can cook over 1,000 pouds of meat at a time. Divide that number by chickens and pigs, and you get the idea.

We slow-smoke our BBQ — up to eight hours — over choice woods, like cherry, apple and mesquite, for an exceptional taste. It’s honest-to-goodness barbeque flavor that you can’t get from charcoal, pellets or (gasp!) propane.

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Haagenson's Catering

We’ve been serving up memorable experiences at wine-country events and celebrations since 2001. We’ve been there for nearly every kind of get-together you can imagine, from the most formal to the most casual, and we relish every kind of challenge.

Our favorites include:
• BBQ Catering
• Corporate Events
• Social and Family Events
• Weddings

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